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Marriage & Couples Counseling 

"It is my goal that you leave feeling more connected than when you came in."

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Marriage & Couples Counseling 

My Approach to Counseling Couples

Your relationship is unraveling. Your marriage is falling apart. This is not what it was supposed to be like. Other couples don’t fight thismuch right? How did it get to this point? Is this it? Are we headed toward divorce? 


IMAGINE a relationship in which you actually enjoy coming home to your partner. You actually feel heard, understood, comforted, and loved deeply. Imagine sexual intimacy and connection that is not just good, but great! You engage in conflict, but for once it doesn’t result in a screaming match, someone walking out of the door, someone spending the night on the couch, or threatening divorce (again). Imagine a life with a partner, a teammate, a best friend, and the safety and security in the loving relationship you signed up for.

Can I please tell you how much I LOVE working with couples?! This is my heart beat. My drive. This is what energizes me. There is just something about that moment in my office when a partner finally feels heard, comforted, and validated by the other! 
I recognize the extreme delicacy of a relationship facing a challenging season or a marriage teetering on the edge of divorce. Emotion-Focused Therapy guides my work with couples. This is just a fancy clinical way of saying we will spend a lot of time changing the pattern of your arguments, validating one another, and yes, digging into some icky feelings and emotions. We will also spend time looking at attachment patterns and how they have played a role in your relationships with others. In other words, we will spend some time looking at how mom, dad, or caregiver have played a role (because let’s face it, they are typically the culprit). 

"I recognize counseling is probably your last resort. That's okay!"

You never imagined that you would be considering therapy, but you're here and you are one step closer to getting back to the intimate connection you desire with your partner.

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