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"Fostering deep connection, attachment, & healing in relationships." 

Something brought you here...

You're hurting...

Your relationship is falling apart...

Your heart is broken...

You just can't live this way anymore...


Meet Chrissy Barlahan

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Ok Chrissy, are YOU the right fit for me?

SO glad you asked! Ugh, finding the "right" therapist is hard! I want you to know that my goal as a therapist, and as a person, is to be the same "Chrissy" in all situations. So, one thing I can say about myself is that I am RELATABLE. For real, come in, take off your shoes and feel free to criss-cross your legs on that couch! I want to create a space that makes both you and I feel like “Ahhhh, therapy, what a relief!” To do that, I really try and be exactly who I am. My hope is that this allows you to be exactly who you are and feel safe to talk about hard stuff. 

Meet Chrissy

How Can I Help?

Pre-marital Counseling

We're getting married! We're excited but we know it's going to bring some challenges.

Affair and Betrayal Recovery

My worst fears have come true. I am hurt to my core, but we want to try and repair our relationship.

Couples in Crisis

We've been having the same fight for weeks now. I'm scared we can't fix it. We need help getting out of this toxic cycle.

Couples & Marriage Counseling 

All we do is argue. We haven't had sex in months. Im scared if we continue down this path, we're headed for divorce. I just want to re-connect with the person I fell in love with.

Parenting & Family Counseling

The kids are crazy...our relationship is crazy...I think we're going to go crazy!

Individual Counseling

I'm lost, depressed, anxious, and hopeless. I just can't keep living like this. I want to feel normal. 

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